4 Principles to Use Paleo For Fitness

After seeing the basics of the Paleo diet and its health benefits we will focus on the complementary activity that can fit into our modern day man. We are going to talk about using Paleo for Fitness and the basic principles of this type of training.

The idea of ​​these principles is to exercise daily to get closer to the life of our ancestors. This type of training does not require a gym or other accessories but just a little motivation.

To summarize there are 4 basic principles to follow:

Principle 1: Move a lot but at a slow pace

This seems simple enough on the principle, but one observes that modern man hardly works any more. The means of transport have enabled him to free himself from this activity to a point where, for certain, it no longer works.
The idea is to gradually reintegrate the walk in your daily life. It’s not really complicated on principle, just put it on. In the beginning, you have to go gradually by going on small distances (a few kilometers are enough per day).

Think of walking / hiking as something natural, without you feeling the effort.
As the matter of fact, the Paleo man would never run, except when he was driven out by some animals.

With regard to the environment, it is obvious that a natural environment lends itself perfectly. You should also prefer an environment that is not flat to increase the intensity of the activity.

Principle 2: Avoidance of sport as an obligation

The Paleo man does not need to go to the latest high tech gym to be “physically fit”. It is all that the modern man has created that has distorted him, the food but also all the daily facilities that no longer make him practice any exercise. And when he is not satisfied with his situation and considers that he must get back into shape, he begins to practice exercises on specialized machines.

Why not stop the problem at the source simply? To do this, you just have to eat a healthy diet (Paleo) and practice daily exercises throughout the day. Do not hesitate to walk, wear, climb stairs, cycle and everything that fits into your day and that makes you exercise.

Principle 3: Lifting heavy objects

As you can see, I’m not a fan of gyms. I prefer to use objects such as rocks, trees, tires, or weights to practice lifting objects. You can even consider exercises that make you carry your own weight (Push Ups). This is the kind of exercise that simulates the natural movements of the body.

If you regularly practice this type of exercise and you pair it with the Paleo diet, you will maintain your muscle tone.

Principle 4: Accelerate the pace, once in a while

There are different ways of accelerating. The goal is to recreate the situation that the Paleo man knew when he was in a dangerous situation and who urged him to go to the highest of his performances. If you are familiar with running, start with sprints of 100-400 meters.

For cyclists, you can either find long flat stretches and accelerate for maximum effort for 1-2 minutes.
For swimmers, it is also necessary to swim at the height of its capacities so as to feel a maximum effort.

Acceleration should be done once a week to be effective, but if you do not feel it as an effort you can do it 3-5 times a week.

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