Can We Lose Weight With Paleo?

The concept of the Paleo diet is to eat healthily like cavemen. Yes?

It’s summer time. Hard to believe with the current weather, but the information is just right. Summer rhymes with sun, beach, swimsuit. A perfect silhouette makes everyone dream. A good opportunity to diet. However, most diets are harsh and require a good dose of motivation. A good opportunity therefore, to test this new regime which requires very little effort but a certain preparation.
As the name suggests, the Paleo Diet, or Caveman’s Diet or Stone Age diet, is inspired by the diet of the Paleolithic era. This period began 2.5 million years ago and ended 10,000 years ago with the emergence of agriculture.
This dietary revolution allows you to eat healthy and lose weight without depriving yourself. Lose weight by eating fat, but without sugar. The idea goes much further than organic. Organic farming would become classic (or obsolete).

Man started growing, but didn’t eat it! Why?

Before the era of agriculture, man was called hunter-gatherer. Exploring nature, he discovered fruits, vegetables and animals that he fed on. With the birth of agriculture, man now feeds on foods whose structure is different from that of the previous one. But our stomach and our digestive system have not enough time to evolve in only 10,000 years. Hence a more frequent presence of allergies and food problems.

What should be done? What foods should be banned?

Dairy and carbohydrates are to be removed from your shopping list now. The milk of the cow is produced for the calf and not for the human being, the man have difficulty digesting it. Carbohydrates (potatoes, flour, rice, etc.) are also poorly synthesized by many of us as are products that contain gluten. Other elements are also to be eliminated, but let us focus on what remains of good for our body. Fruits and vegetables and meats (red, white, fish) are advisable. The main idea is to eat as full as possible, to avoid reworked foods.
By assimilating foods that suit it, your body is going to be more effective during digestion and will save you energy by preserving your health. It will eliminate fat and chemicals easily to keep only the best.
If you would like to learn more about this practice, ask before you go to the water and talk to your doctor.

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